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Review: "The Last Five Years" (****)

Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick star in “The Last Five Years.”  Richard LaGravenese’s adaptation of “The Last Five Years” opens with Cathy (the charming and endlessly talented Anna Kendrick) walking slowly through a nearly-abandoned New York City brownstone singing one of the films best and most poignant songs, “Still Hurting,” a deep and chilling number about the aftermath and heartbreak of a once dreamy relationship with Jamie (the dimpled and big-voiced Jeremy Jordon, Tony-nominated for his performance in “Newsies”) that has now turned sour and cold. “The Last Five Years” the film was inspired by and derived from Jason Robert Brown’s off-Broadway production that had a short, successful run. I never saw the play (believe me, I wish I did), but let me tell you, this movie is wonderful. I think it should be noted for anyone interested in seeing this film, “The Last Five Years” is a musical. There are very few spoken words, which, at times, can give the film a sort of imbalance, but ev

The Short Circuit: 2015 GSU Student Film Festival Jury Selections Screen at the High Museum of Art

GSUFF sign outside the Hill Auditorium. Last Thursday, twelve jury selected student films screened at the annual  GSU Student Film Festival  (GSUFF) at the renowned High Museum of Art. These films were selected from over sixty submitted works produced in Georgia State University media production courses during the past academic year. Yours truly was in attendance to give you a look into a night of exciting student films. A wide variety of works were represented throughout the night, with films ranging from documentaries on music and dance to stop motion animation and experimental films. Parents seem to be an inspiration among this year’s filmmakers with films such as “Dad,” “Mom,” and “Emilio” portraying the struggles and lives of caregivers. While some films stood out through breathtaking cinematography and film editing, others got lost in the crowd. But as a whole, I was thoroughly impressed with the programming of the night. Following the screening of all 12 jury selected films, a s