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The Goods: 20 Should-Be Oscar Contenders from 2015

The year is over. A lot of films have come and gone, but a few managed to stick in our heads for perhaps longer than we expected. Will these titles and their stars pop-up on the Academy’s list in a couple weeks? Probably not, but maybe they should!  We have compiled 20  should-be contenders this awards season. Some of them might surprise you! Who do you think should be in the conversation? Check out our list and leave a comment. 20. JULIANNE NICHOLSON, “Black Mass” Best Supporting Actress   “Black Mass” wasn’t offensive to me, but it just wasn’t much of anything. I’m not naturally a Johnny Depp fan, but I’m willing to admit when he is good, and I just didn’t see much worth writing about here. I was much more impressed with Julianne Nicholson and Joel Edgerton in their supporting roles. Julianne Nicholson has been terrific in several smaller roles in recent years with criminally little acclaim. I suspect her day will come eventually. 19. “Eight” Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Cinemat