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"Bad Blood: The Movie" — Review (3 of 5 Stars)

By Christina Nicole, Senior Staff Writer Bad Blood: The Movie is the feature film directorial debut of Atlanta native Tim Reis, who has previously directed music videos. The horror film explores the largely uncharted werefrog. “It’s like a werewolf, but a frog.” Tim Reis once explained. Tim wrote, directed and edited the film, which he mostly shot at his parents house. Bad Blood follows  what happens to college student Victoria Miller after she returns home to her mother, stepfather and stepbrother under some mysterious circumstances. The relationship between Victoria and her family is strained at best. She borrows her stepdad’s car without permission to meet some friends for a party. On their way to the party, Victoria and her friend encounter a creature that ruins their night and the foreseeable future. At the first encounter with the werefrog, like any horror film, the movie takes a turn for the ridiculous. Bad Blood: The Movie is not a bad movie, but it isn’t that great either.