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ANOTHER UNNAMED WOMAN: The Notable Woman of Shunem

Rest. Don't we all crave that rest? Especially now, with the amplified chaos of the world?  I'm good at encouraging those around me to "rest in the Lord," but I still struggle with doing it myself.  The enemy knows his time is short and is wreaking havoc on those of us who belong to Yeshua.  He is very clever and has had thousands of years to hone his craft.  And crafty he is.  He is the master of disguise and knows perfectly how to blindside us, sending us reeling from his attacks.  When those attacks come I want to run somewhere.  I get anxious and nervous and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. What to do?  Rest.  Run to our Great High Priest who is interceding for us at the Throne of Grace, and rest there... knowing that even though our world might seem to be falling apart all around us...even though the ground under our feet seems to be crumbling...even though we see no way in Him.   Rest in the One who said in Isaiah 26: 3 & 4 "Y