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ink Wall is a love story... but not the kind that leaves you warm and settled, Review 3.5 stars

by Ali Coad ink Wall is a love story… but not the kind that leaves you warm and settled, and quickly and seamlessly leaves your consciousness. This is the kind of love story that makes you restless and melancholic and thoughtful for days that follow. Tom Cullen has created quite a little film with Pink Wall . It’s the story of Jenna (Tatiana Maslany) and Leon (Jay Duplass) and how over the course of six years (and six scenes) they fall into love and then slowly out of it. The movement of the camera, the close-ups, and the slightly muted color palate of the film all work together to create an atmosphere of vulnerability and intimacy. The acting is the best part of this film. Tatiana Maslany ( Orphan Black ) as Jenna is unforgettable. Her on-screen presence is so poignant and bold that she very nearly overwhelms the camera. She’s so good that you don’t want to look away but you’re almost afraid to watch. And Jay Duplass ( Transparent ) as Leon is the perfect partner for her. He’s fearfu