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"The Hero" - Atlanta Film Festival Review (3.5 of 5 Stars)

By Rebecca Daniel, Senior Editor Starring: Sam Elliot, Laura Prepon, Nick Offerman, Krysten Ritter, Katharine Ross Directed by: Brett Haley Have you had a positive influence on those around you? What can you do to mend the relationships you’ve broken? Who will you affect if you’re gone? Eventually, we all have to confront mortality. Lee Hayden (Sam Elliot) has to do so sooner than expected due to an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Instead of accepting his diagnosis, the former Western star vows to make another movie. While he tries to stall the inevitable, Lee slowly understands the reality of impending mortality and importance of legacy.  Director Brett Haley brilliantly cast Sam Elliot in the lead role. He is pitch perfect as Lee Hayden. He carries the film as a former Western star known as “The Hero” looking back on his past mistakes while unsure of his time left in the future. Elliot plays Lee with the strong presence we’re all used to from the iconic actor. Yet he provides the film w

"Nao Deixe a Peteca Cair" ("Bad’ & The Birdieman") - Atlanta Film Festival Review (3.5 of 5 Stars)

By Ali Coad, Senior Editor “Bad’ & The Birdieman” is a documentary that moves quickly– just as quickly as badminton birdies that the film’s stars rally and serve. In its short 50 minutes, this film turns everything you think you know (which, for me, is very little) about badminton on its ear. In fact, this is not the lazy-Sunday sport I thought it to be. It’s a fast-paced and heated, and for this particular city and these particular players, it’s a spot that offers its young players a way out, a way forward. It’s a quiet revolution for the younger residents of the often-crime-riddled Rio de Janeiro, and “Bad’ & The Birdieman” brings this small movement to light in a big way. Throughout this film, we meet about half-a-dozen young badminton players, all of whom come from different backgrounds and families and difficulties. Something, however, they all share is their love and drive for this sport. They understand the stakes, and they’re willing to put in the work and focus to real

"Dave Made a Maze" - Atlanta Film Festival Review (3.5 of 5 Stars)

By Christo Stevens, Senior Editor On Friday the Atlanta Film Festival kicked off its 41st year with bang. That bang came in the form of a fantastically weird crowd-pleaser called Dave Made a Maze. The movie, whose title is appropriately meta and is even described hilariously by one of the characters as “a bit on the nose” follows a struggling artist named Dave (Nick Thune) whose constant failures and inability to finish anything he starts drive him to start an ambitious, albeit absurd project. As we see through the eyes of his girlfriend, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) in the opening scene, Dave decides to create a cardboard maze in the middle of their living room. The seemingly tiny maze is crudely stitched and glued together with various shards of cardboard and paper. “ENTER” appears on a little door in crooked letters. Steam shoots through paper towel rolls like little chimneys as faint noises echo from the handmade hut. Annie circles in confusion as she yells to Dave who appears to b

"Beauty and the Beast" - Review (4 of 5 Stars)

By Rebecca Daniel, Senior Editor Starring: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor Directed by: Bill Condon Rated: PG Disney really knows how to reel me in with these remakes. Step 1: Pick an animated movie that I loved as a child Step 2: Tell me that you’re remaking it as a “live action movie” Step 3: Cast someone from Downton Abbey as a major character. Step 4: Put a couple of songs in it (If anyone in a movie starts singing about their feelings there is a 90% chance that I love that movie) Step 5: Let me buy tickets. It’s not rocket science. Disney just gets me. Adapting Beauty and the Beast to live action was a major task. They had to make realistic effects, life-like sets, and add a fresh take to the classic story. For people growing up in the 90’s, Beauty and the Beast is one of the most iconic stories of all time. It’s much more than a tale of a girl trapped in a castle with a beast. It’s a story that illustrates the importance of inner beauty, kindness, an

"Before I Fall" - Review (2 of 5 Stars)

by Christina Nicole, Senior Editor Before I Fall is a slow burn. It lacks the drama and intrigue that Pretty Little Liars had, but it seems to be pandering to the same crowd. Some teenage girls may enjoy the melodramatic death day of Zoey Deutch’s Samantha Kingston, but the rest of the population will likely want to pass on this film. Groundhog Day is a funny movie, but Before I Fall , which uses the same basic concept- the main character relives the same day until she gets the ending right, is not. The times Sam relives the same day are devoid of comic relief. The movie is bland; it felt like it ended the first time Samantha lived through “Cupid Day.” The audience must sit through that same day multiple times with a few changes. Before I Fall feels like a Lifetime Movie with a big screen budget. The pacing, the acting and the story are all mediocre. The characters lack depth; even the central conflict of the film falls flat. The movie doesn’t evoke much commentary or conversation;

#GAfilm Review: "Table 19" (1 of 5 Stars)

by Christina Nicole  Here are 19 Reasons to Forego Seeing Table 19 : The trailer is better than the movie. The movie poster is better than the actual movie. – The poster leads you to believe you will see an ensemble cast of comedians performing in a wedding movie. The trailer says Table 19 could disappear and no one would even notice, which is why it probably won’t have a second week’s run in 99% of the theaters it’s screening in. Table 19 is not a long movie, but it feels like a long movie. The film is trying too hard. Stephen Merchant’s character is supposed to be the comic relief, but he’s so not funny that you want to punch him in his goofy face. Table 19 lacks focus; there’s too much and not enough going on. The film is set in Michigan, but it was shot in Georgia. It’s unbelievable. – There is no way these characters could be real people. If you saw The Five-Year Engagement , you have already suffered enough. Watching good actors in terrible movies is bad for your health. – There