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Roma Review: (5 of 5 Stars)

By Jamie Traner The evening opened in the lobby of the Plaza Theatre on Ponce de Leon Ave, with the scents of El Ponce wafting through the door upon entry. Atlanta Film Society’s ¡CineMás! kicked off with Cuban Food Stories the week prior, but we’re here for the movie with all the awards buzz: director Alfonso Cuarón’s newest masterpiece, Roma . After thoroughly enjoying a tamale or two, we headed inside. If you aren’t moved by the subtle romance with life that comes from warm afternoons and appreciations of familial relationships, Cuarón’s newest work might not be for you. However, if you do find a sort of calm in reflection of a period passed, then Roma will not disappoint. The two-hour-and-some journey begins on a shot of tile. Slow, with the sounds of running water and sloshing in the back. It is a warm welcome to the 1970’s Mexico City landscape of the lifestyle protagonist, Cleo (played by Yaritza Aparicio) leads. The slow roll over the tiles is gently whisked into the next shot